TV Appearances

World of Dance International Tours S1 & S3

    • 41 City tour Canada & US

  • World of Dance USA (NBC)

    • World of Dance Season 3

    • World of Dance Season 1

  • World of Dance Phillippines (ABS/CBN)

    • Season 1 - Upper Division Winners & Grand Finalists

    • Perfect 100-100-100 finale

  • Dancing with the Stars Poland

  • Das Supertalent - Germany's Got Talent

  • UK Blackpool Championships

    • 2nd Place & Youngest Pro Cabaret Couple in History

    • Undefeated Amateur Cabaret Champions

Artist Collaborations

  • NBA, Dallas Mavericks & Toronto Raptors half time show

  • Luka Graham, Warner Bros Music, Dance Concept Video

  • Elliot Moss, Universal Music, Concept Video

  • Disney Music & Universal Music Dance Concept Videos

  • Nappytabs, Jlo Creative Directors, multiple projects and tours

  • Billy Crawford, Philippines Official Music Video

  • Shahkar, along with 100 piece Orchestra & 80 person choir

... Numerous live performances around the world including;

  • China, Japan, UK, France, Denmark, Germany, Carribean

  • Across all US & Canada

Music Artist Collaborations

NBA Halftime Shows

Dallas Maverics

  • Theme Choreography

  • Fan Favorites

Toronto Raptors

  • Rewind 95' Theme

Billy Crawford - Halika Na - Phillippines

Billy Crawford - Viva Records

The official music video of 'Halika Na' by Billy Crawford feat. Skusta Clee x Luka x Jenalyn. Billy Crawford looks gritty cool on his music video for his latest single entitled “Halika Na.” This is the second single to come from his 2019 album “Work In Progress.” A dance-centric video, “Halika Na” features World Of Dance competitors then turned in an emotional and sensual performance.

Lukas Graham - Love Someone

Warner Bros Music

Music: “Love Someone” by Lukas Graham from ‘The Purple Album’ ©️2018 Warner Bros. Records Choreography: Aidan Carberry, Jenalyn Saraza-Pacheco, Luka Milacic-Perusina Direction & Editing: Luka Milacic-Perusina, Jenalyn Saraza-Pacheco, Brittany Nguyen

James Barker Band - Never Be the Same

James Barker Band cover of Camila Cabello’s song “Never Be The Same” featuring World of Dance contestants, Luka & Jenalyn. This song was recorded at Toronto’s Revolution Studios as part of their Spotify Singles.

Naomi Scott - Speechless, Aladdin Soundtrack

Disney & Universal Music

‘Speechless’ by Naomi Scott from the Aladdin Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Creative Direction and Dance Choreography by Luka Milacic-Perusina & Jenalyn Saraza Pacheco. Directed and edited by Luka & Jenalyn and Jimmy Vi, created for Universal Music Canada, Walt Disney Records and Walt Disney Studios.

Elliott Moss - Barracade

Elliott Moss Music

Luka & Jenalyn directed, edited and choreographed this dance concept to Barricade by Elliot Moss. Special thanks to @elliotmossmusic and his team at Grand Jury Records for the support and friendship.

Elliott Moss - Slip

Elliott Moss Music

This is our newest video of the routine we choreographed for our World of Dance audition. Thanks so much for watching! Filmed in Toronto at the Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

Carlynn Reed - Million Dreams

Pink - Million Dreams

This is Carlynn Reed on the eve of her 75th birthday. With @Luka&Jenalyn of @World of Dance, they created this dance video to celebrate 75 years of dreaming for a better world. Three weeks of intense dance choreography and practice followed by a long late night film shoot - this is the result. newest video of the routine we choreographed for our World of Dance audition. Thanks so much for watching! Filmed in Toronto at the Humber Bay Arch Bridge.